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Mira’s Walk for AIR

(Aviation Industry Redemption)

Walk and talk with citizens, officials and scientists, exploring solutions toward making the aviation industry an environmentally and human health-friendly industry!


Walking 12 miles from SeaTac to Seattle.

Walk it all or walk just 2, we’ll have transportation to get you back to your start.



Do I have to walk the full 12 miles?

Not at all! Walk with us for however long you want and can. Each mile will be on a different subject, so if any section interests you the most, plan your start and end around it! We will have a shuttle every 2 miles to bring you back to where you started.

Is there a map of the route for the walk?

Here’s each leg (roughly a mile each), and their start and end points, so you can join when you want! Click the map image to enlarge.

Leg 1: Starts 2pm from SeaTac Community Center (13735 24th Ave S, SeaTac, WA) and goes to 133rd and Tukwila International Blvd (1.2 miles, ~25 minutes).

Leg 2: Starts 2:30pm from 133rd and Tukwila International Blvd and goes to 120th and Marginal Way (1.3 miles, ~26 minutes)

Leg 3: Starts 3pm from 120th and Marginal Way and goes to 10805 Pacific HWY (0.7 miles, ~15 minutes)

Leg 4: Starts 3:30pm from Chevron at 10805 Pacific HWY and goes to the Museum of Flight! (0.9 miles, ~19 minutes)

Leg 5: Starts at 4pm from the Museum of Flight and goes to Boeing on E Marginal Way (1.2 miles, ~23 minutes).

Leg 6: Starts at 4:30pm from Boeing on E Marginal Way and goes to Connections Museum (1.0 miles, ~21 minutes).

Leg 7: Starts at 5pm from the Connections Museum at 7000 E Marginal Way and goes to the Seattle Education Association Bldg. at 5501 4th Ave S. (1.2 miles, ~22 minutes)

Leg 8: Starts at 5:30pm from the Seattle Education Association and goes to the Foundry by Herban Feast (1.1 miles, ~22 minutes).

Leg 9: Starts at 6pm from Foundry by Herban Feast at 4130 1st Ave S, going to the Starbucks HQ (1.1 miles, ~22 minutes).

Leg 10: Starts at 6:30pm from the Starbucks HQ at 2401 Utah Ave S, and goes to the King 5 HQ (0.7 miles, ~14 minutes)

Mile 11: Starts at 7pm from the King 5 HQ at 1464, 1501 1st Ave Seattle, and goes to Pier 51 (0.7 miles, ~14 minutes).

Leg 12: Starts at 7:30pm from Pier 51 at 801 Alaskan Way and ends at the Port of Seattle at 2711 Alaskan Way (1.3 miles, ~27 minutes).

Why are we walking 12 miles?

We are concerned about the negative effects associated with living next to the fastest growing airport in the United States. We need to come together to solve the problems before it’s too late. 12 miles is about the distance from the SeaTac Community Garden to the Port of Seattle using our safe sidewalk route.

Why is this on September 28th, International Good Neighbor Day?

This is the third year in a row that Mira and her dad have celebrated I.G.N.D. by sharing baked goods and a note of appreciation with our neighbors. We thought it appropriate to do so on this day because the Port of Seattle wants to be better neighbors, and we thought it would be good to lead by example.

If I don't walk until the end, do I have to walk all the way back?

Definitely not, we want this to be fun and informative, not painful! We’ll have van transportation every 2 miles. If you’re struggling at any point, we’ll call a van over to help you get back.

What are the subjects being talked about?

This walk and talk is centered on discussing problems with the aviation industry, and we’ll use Sea-Tac International Airport as our prime example. Each mile will have a different subject, lead by a different expert in the field. We will have a 5 minute introduction of the problem, and then discuss various solutions, their strengths and limitations, as well as highlighting what is currently being done and what more needs to be done.

Leg 1:    Problem -> Negative Community Impact

A Solution -> Community Impact Studies

Starts at 2pm from SeaTac Community Center

Leg 2:    Problem -> Health of Children

A Solution -> Flight Pattern Kid’s Research

Starts at 2:30pm from 133rd and International Blvd.

Leg 3:    Problem -> Airport Expansion

A Solution -> A 2nd Airport

Starts at 3pm from 120th and Marginal Way

Leg 4:    Problem -> Over-reliance on Planes

A Solution -> Alternative Forms of Transportation

Starts at 3:30pm from Chevron at 10805 Pacific Hwy

Leg 5:    Problem -> Harmful Jet Engine Planes

A Solution -> Innovations, Hybrid & Electric

Starts at 4pm from Museum of Flight

Leg 6:    Problem -> Wealth Before Health

A Solution -> Green Businesses

Starts at 4:30pm from Boeing on Marginal Way

Leg 7:    Problem -> Largely Unregulated Planes

A Solution -> 1631, Clean Air Act, Paris Accord

Starts at 5 from Connections Museum, Marginal Way

Leg 8:    Problem -> Unfair Environmental Burden

A Solution -> Advocacy

Starts at 5:30pm from Seattle Education Association

Leg 9:    Problem -> Deforestation

A Solution -> A Tree for Every Child

Starts at 6pm from the Foundry by Herban Press

Leg 10:    Problem -> Climate Change

A Solution -> Alternatives to Fossil Fuels

Starts at 6:30pm from the Starbucks Headquarters

Leg 11:    Problem -> Lack of Awareness

A Solution -> Get the Word Out

Starts at 7pm from King 5 Station

Leg 12:    Problem -> Blame Game

A Solution -> Everyone Does Their Part

Starts at 7:30pm from Pier 51

Finish:   Problem -> Division and Discord

A Solution -> Caring for Our Neighbor

Starts at 8:00pm from Steps of the Port of Seattle

When does Mira's Walk start?

We’ll start off at the entrance to the Highline SeaTac Botanical Garden, at 2pm, Friday September 28. But, if you can’t meet at 2pm, or are interested in a subject happening at a later mile, look below for when we are scheduled to be at each mile.

I want to start later into the walk, where can I find you and when?

We have it all planned out. Since we’re talking and walking, each mile will take about a half hour. Check out the FAQ “What are the subjects being talked about” for a complete list of when we’ll be at each mile.

Is there an entrance fee for the walk?

No, but you are encouraged to bring baked goods to share with others as is the tradition for International Good Neighbor Day.

How long will the walk take?

The whole 12 mile walk will take about 6 hours to complete. However, there’s no need to join us for the whole time if you find yourself too busy or aren’t interested in walking that long! Check the schedule out for when we’ll be at each mile and what the discussion is about.

Is this a march? Will we be on the street?

No this isn’t a march and we won’t be on the street. We’ll be walking down the sidewalk having a lively discussion on problems and solutions around the aviation industry.

Is this a part of the Mira's Garden documentary?

It’s a separate important cause, but we’ll be filming it to be in the documentary as well. You can easily opt out of being shown in the documentary if you want. There will be a couple of cameras.

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