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The Canary in the Coal Mine

> This is a story of airport communities being poisoned from the fastest growing airport in the world.

> The quality of their lives threatened and the length of their lives shortened by the least-regulated polluting industry in the nation.

> This isn’t a problem just around airports. The environment and people’s health are affected as far as 6,000 miles away from airports. SeaTac is just a warning sign.


Mira’s Walk for AIR

(Airline Industry Redemption)


Friday, September 28th, from 2-8pm.

More information here!

Mira and I will be leading a 12-mile walk from Mira’s Garden at the SeaTac Community Garden to the port of Seattle. Each mile we’ll have experts, officials, and activists talk about a different problem associated with the aviation industry and solutions to it. Sign up for 2-miles, 4-miles, 8-miles, the full 12, or anything in between! Shuttles will be provided. We’re keeping this cozy, so space is limited, sign up soon!

Contact Kent Palosaari at (425) 985-3521, or email to sign up!

Why I’m Passionate About This Documentary

When I moved to SeaTac 12 years ago, I thought the only problem would be the noise. The sound of planes gets louder than a chainsaw every day.
After becoming a father, I realized there are far more serious risks the airport showers on SeaTac and other nearby communities. Experts are telling me this may include prominently shorter life spans, infertility, dramatically increased risk of heart disease, brain tumors and cancers.
I know there is a problem, and I know I need to take action to find solutions. This documentary is part of what I can do, so that others are encouraged to take action as well.